My Road Trip Marriage

Relationship enrichment ideas fueled by road tripping


Three weeks and over 700 miles separated Jerry and Rebecca as they started their journey in the world. Over the years, these military brats’ paths zigzagged across the globe, sometimes overlapping at the same time! Most relocations consisted of driving across country, stopping to see offbeat locations and roadside attractions. They both lived in North Carolina and Colorado, but during different decades. They lived at opposite ends of California in 1994. Their closest encounter happened in Japan. Jerry traveled from Iwakuni to Camp Zama in 1989 for Boy Scout summer camp, the same base where Rebecca had just moved! During this time, they both had experienced their first earth quake. Possibly the same one?

In August 2013 while living in West Virginia, Jerry browsed her Texas based dating profile, but never made contact. Rebecca saw his visit, checked out his lengthy profile, and sent him an encouraging message ‘just to say hi.’ They tied the knot 8 months later.

As a wedding present, Jerry presented her with Road Trip Scavenger Hunt and Bingo games to entertain the relocation to West Virginia. Posting their finds to Facebook, their friends and family voted for their favorite submissions. Once the votes were tallied, Jerry lost and had to wear the ‘Cone of Shame.’ Their passion for taking the less beaten path is element that fuels their road trip adventures. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for miles of smiles!

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  1. Kristin

    This is a cool story! The world seems so large but somehow it’s smaller than we think.


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