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First Year Anniversary - Paper

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

[caption id="attachment_743" align="alignnone" width="960"] First Year Anniversary Gift - Paper[/caption] Anniversary gifts can be challenging. Do you buy something practical, or make something thoughtful? Do you orchestrate a romantic dinner, or do you splurge on an extravagant get-away? Stumped, I went to google for inspiration and searched traditional anniversary gifts. The first year? Paper. My first thought was, "wow..." but the search also revealed gift ideas! To my surprise, there are many great paper presents: a message in a bottle, your "first song" lyrics printed on one of your wedding photos, romantic coupons, or you can order personalized novelty toilet…
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Road Trip Requirement: Pictures!

Whether you're taking a detour home from work or you're a seasoned vagabond, the great thing about road tripping is that it's for everyone! Who doesn't enjoy capturing images of their adventures?  Thanks to Rebecca and our friends' encouragement, our pictures have evolved from the traditional selfie to totally hamming it up every chance we can.  Like a roadside marker for a WWII UFO crash site! Yes, I said UFO. People ask us all the time how we get our pictures.  It's simple really, we travel with a photographer! Well, sort of.  Some of my previous jobs involved photography, and it's…
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